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Conshohocken has strong and deep connections to the participation of the United States in World War I. Conshohocken has the distinction of sending more men and women into military service per capita than any other community in America.


In recognition of Conshohocken’s contribution to the war Congress authorized the construction of a cargo carrier which was named after the town. The S.S. Conshohocken, an 11,000 ton 435 feet long vessel, was launched on the Delaware at Chester on February 3, 1920.


Conshohocken can also claim to be the former home of the youngest American casualty of World War I. Conshohocken resident John F Dehaven died while fighting in France at only 15 years of age. Because of John’s bravery, the American Legion Post for WWI veterans, organized in Conshohocken on August 22, 1919, was named the John F. DeHaven Post. This Post was very active in town affairs for many years but perhaps its greatest accomplishment was the establishment and maintenance of the Memorial Plot at second and Fayette which honored the citizens of the town who had paid the ultimate price in World War I. This memorial plot was dedicated on November 11, 1928 but has since been expanded to include memorials to all those Conshohocken citizens who have fallen in all of America’s conflicts. This memorial plot was, and still is, a source of community pride.


Below you will find the official program for the 1930 celebration of Armistice Day (November 11, 1930). Conshohocken hosted the 1930 regional Armistice Day celebrations which included ceremonies at Sutcliffe Park and the Memorial Plot.

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The following listing includes members of our community who died while serving our country:


Benz,John C., - Army -  (9-27-1918)

Biaselle, Charles - Private Army - (8-9-1918)

Binns, John H. - Private Army

Calvaresi, Saverio -Private Army

Conicello, Agostino - Army - (7-25-1918)

De Gito, Alesandro

Dehaven, John F. – USMC - (6/23/1918)

Filliponi, Amedo - Private Army -  (7/31/1918)

Foy, Matthew

Hattal, Clarence 

Matz, George W.

Montagni, Dominico - 

Nally, Matthew T. - Army -  (10-20-1918)

Rutter, Albert

Seltzer, J. Nelson 

Skilton, Edwin M.

Smith, David T.

Tarbet, John - Army (10/21/1918)

Volpe, Alexander - Company C Infantry - (7/18/1918) - Brother of Alfred

Volpe, Alfred - Army -(7/15/1918) - Brother of Alexander

Warner, Wad

West Conshohocken

Gallagher, Joseph – Private Army

Research ongoing: please share additional names

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