West Conshohocken High School - Class of 1937


In general we do not have a lot of information concerning West Conshohocken High School (we have only 4 yearbooks in our collection). However, we recently obtained the first attached picture of the class of 1937 via Ann Love, one of our members (thank you Ann!!). The only person that can identify for sure is Laura Yakonick Bry who is in the front row, fourth from the left. We have no idea who the rest of these folks are.  Maybe someone out there can help us identify these folks?

West Conshohocken High School - 1937.jpeg

Conshohocken High School - Class of 1939


The second picture is Conshohocken High School's class of 1939. This was obtained after my Aunt died and we found her husband's high school pictures.

Conshohocken High School - 1939.jpeg


Can you help identify any of these individuals?