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BICENTENNIAL: 1776 - 1976

This booklet below contains the following information:

  • An article entitled "The Town Built on a Hill" by Dorothea M Staley which describes the Conshohocken Borough incorporation ceremony on May 18, 1850 along with some early Conshohocken history facts.

  • An article entitled "A short story of Early Conshohocken with a few highlights of its history" by W.F. Collins. Included in this article is a description of the military engagements and maneuvers which occurred in Conshohocken during the Revolutionary War. William F Collins was president of the Conshohocken Historical Society in 1976.  

  • Seven photos mostly depicting early Conshohocken. 

  • The names of the borough officers in 1976.

  • The names of the Conshohocken Bicentennial Committee in 1976.

Click arrows to advance booklet; click on image to open full screen.

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