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Click image to enlarge and see location of each hitching post.

A hitching post is a stationary post to which a horse (or other animal) may be tethered to prevent it from straying. Since Conshohocken was founded in 1850, well before the advent of the automobile, for many years hitching posts were used extensively in front of homes and businesses in the borough. No one wanted to see their horse take a stroll down the street while you were enjoying a quick drink at the local tavern!!


Most of Conshohocken's hitching posts are gone but an informal survey has found a few remaining.  Most of these posts are located on the East Side of Fayette Street (which is the older part of Conshohocken) and all are made of stone. A gallery of these hitching posts is below.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Conshohocken Historical Society if you should discover an additional hitching post in your neighborhood.

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